Introducing Woosah Wednesday

It’s Wednesday (HUMP DAY) the middle of the week. Between trying not to catch Covid, the schools being open and closed, the vaccination argument, and these jobs getting on our nerves, we are lucky that we can keep a clear thought in our head. Some of us are trying to make it to the weekend for relaxation. With self-care being so popular, I’m sure a lot of people use Saturday or Sunday as a self-care day. Let’s normalize learning to find our peace in the midst of the madness. Wooosssaaahhhh. I will post tips for relaxation. A five-minute meditation, a relaxing song, photo getaways, and tips to create a relaxing environment anytime. Whether its 10 minutes in the morning before work or 5 minutes on your lunch break….let’s Woosah on Wednesday to help battle the rest of the week