A perfect self-care day

I wake up in a room similar to this one—a perfect night’s sleep, listening to the ocean in the background instead of music or the television. I open my eyes as the sun rises over the water and just lay there staring out the door. It’s such a peaceful morning, with no noise just the soft sounds of the waves. My phone is off and my mind is focused on me, not what my husband is doing, or what my kids or grandkids need just me. I get up and go sit in the chair outside the door. I watch the water sway while I stretch my arms and neck and loosen my body up. I can’t help but smile at this level of calmness. A peace I have waited for. There is a knock at the door, I ordered room service the night before to bring my breakfast. “Mrs. Robinson your breakfast is outside the door,” the hotel attendant says. I don’t answer him and wait a few minutes for him to walk away before I go get my food. My perfect self-care day breakfast, is a bowl of berries, two pieces of fluffy french toast, and some turkey sausage, with a cup of Yogi stress relief lavender tea on the side. I quietly eat my breakfast in the chair staring out into the ocean. I have no thoughts except “how beautiful this ocean is, and how this french toast is bae.”

After breakfast, I go into the bathroom to take a bath. I run the water as hot as I can stand it and pour some detox bath with rose and lavender petals into the tub. I slide down into the bath and the only sound I hear is my voice “Ahhh.” What a perfect bath, the temperature is just right, the smell is amazing and the view is absolutely gorgeous. I sit there for what feels like an eternity. My body is so relaxed I dozed off for a minute.

It wouldn’t be a perfect day for me, if I couldn’t sing. Music is in my soul and is required, gotta hear my 90’s music because it’s only thing that makes sense.

I end the day vegging out in front of the television watching my favorite shows. This is my perfect selfcare day…What’s yours?