Are You Enough For Yourself?

I subscribe to Oprah Daily, and Sunday she posted a video asking this very question. As I soon as I read the title I thought, “what a great blog post.” While thinking about what I wanted to say, I came up with the idea to involve my closest family members to see what they had to say. And WOW, I was surprised that even the most confident parties in the group were stumped on how to answer this question. When it came to me it was an easy answer. Yes! I love myself, I have always loved my own company. When I think back to being young, I couldn’t wait to get home and be in my room by myself. Just me and my music. And even now I realize that my “me time” is essential to my self-care. I found myself getting irritated when I haven’t had the amount of time by myself that is needed for me to function, that’s how important it is.
I learned that nothing on the outside can fulfill you if you not working on the inside. I don’t care how much money you have, how beautiful you are, or how many people adore you, if you love yourself, none of that matters.

Anyway, I found that those that could answer YES didn’t answer with confidence. They focused on goals that hadn’t been met yet or their need to be physically fit and/or emotionally stable. And those that said no went through a wave of emotions. They based their answers on not feeling like themselves as an individual, having financial woes, and feeling like they were failures as parents. I was so baffled by these answers, I found myself questioning my answer for a second. “Was I being honest with myself?”, “Was I being too cocky?” But before I knew it, I heard God tell me “NO! Don’t do that! Don’t downplay yourself anymore. If you know that you are enough for yourself, stand on it! That’s exactly what it is to be enough.”

In honor of Woosah Wednesday, I just wanna say 2023 IT’S ALL ABOUT ME!! We will learn how to be enough for ourselves. One of the ways to do that is to learn what “enough” means. We will no longer downplay ourselves or our gifts. We will not shy away from being called beautiful, wonderful, or talented. We will not talk down to ourselves or about ourselves. And we will realize that “just being you” is ENOUGH! You don’t have to “BE” anything to be enough. You are you, the best you, the greatest you, more importantly the only you, so there’s no competition.

So after getting the answers I received from my circle, I wanted to see what others had to say. I googled What it means to be enough and found an article that put it in the best way possible. (I think)

What It Means to Be Enough ( Please check it out.

Love, Sunshyne