Nowadays we see these two words together much more than before. SELF-CARE. It is important to our well-being that we spend time taking care of ourselves. It’s essential to our growth and development. We must stop seeing self-care as selfish but more as self-ful. You can’t pour from an empty cup, meaning if you have nothing for yourself, you have nothing to give to someone else.

Here a few of my favorite ways to get “me time”

Go on a walk

Walking can really help clear your mind, I try to find me a scenic area to walk in so I can focus on things around me. I will put on my music and just walk while looking at nature, watching the trees blowing in the wind, the birds flying around and if I’m lucky and the park has a pond, I watch the sun glisten off the water. Walking loosens up any tension I have and brings my stress levels ways down.

Music is another part of my self-care. I love music. I breathe music. It’s rare that I go a day without it. One of my favorite artist is Erykah Badu. Whenever I need some clarity in my life I put on “Didn’t ya know” and it puts me a head space that I can focus and get what I need done.

Taking a ride is another way I practice self-care. I love driving by myself, of course, listening to music, and clearing my head, this is great for me especially when I’m upset about something. The ride allows me to calm down.

Lastly I love sitting at the beach, listening to the waves, being still, and enjoying the calm.

Self-care is the best care, in the hustle and bustle of the day, we need to take time out for ourselves.