Friends…How many of us have them?

In today’s world, the term ‘friend’ is often used loosely, losing its true meaning and significance. We’ve drifted from understanding the essence of friendship and how to embody it. Our expectations from others are frequently tinged with negativity, leading us to misconstrue well-intended advice as criticism. Instead of valuing friends who challenge us and call out our missteps, we prefer those who passively endorse our every action, good or bad.

Over the past year, I’ve encountered some harsh realities about people I considered friends. I was deeply disappointed by individuals I had wholeheartedly supported, only to be left stranded without any explanation. This betrayal was a significant blow, and for a considerable time, I was in denial, unwilling to acknowledge the pain it caused me. The heartache stemmed not just from their abandonment, but also from a realization – perhaps it was a signal for me to evolve and move forward, a sign I initially chose to ignore. As I grew and my life’s direction shifted, I expected to lose some acquaintances; however, the departure of those I thought would always stand by me was a startling revelation.

What I’ve learned is that it’s entirely acceptable for people to part ways without bitterness. There are times when a friendship no longer benefits either person and may even turn toxic. What troubles me is the inability to mutually recognize and accept this change. Instead of parting ways gracefully, there’s often a tendency towards passive-aggressiveness, indirect insults, and dishonesty. Why can’t we simply acknowledge the change in our relationship dynamics and move on? I believe in maintaining love from a distance, free from the drama of hidden messages and unnecessary disparagement.

Friendships, complex as they are, require us to be honest and mature, especially when it’s time to let go. We should do so with respect and kindness, not with bitterness or malice.

Be Blessed


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