Hey yall!! It’s Woosah Wednesday, again. As you may already know, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s a reminder to take a closer look at our own mental health and to make it a priority. After all, our mental well-being affects every aspect of our lives, from our physical health to our emotional and spiritual well-being.

I wanted to share a personal experience from this past Monday. It was a cold, rainy day, not my favorite weather, but nevertheless, I was in a great mood. I started my day with some soothing yoga stretches to wake up my body while some calming music by Londrelle. Everything seemed to be going well until I stopped to put gas in my car. At the gas station, my card wasn’t working correctly, and the machine wasn’t reading it despite several attempts. Normally, I would be annoyed and frustrated in such a situation, especially with the added challenges of the rainy, cold weather. But instead, I decided to go with the flow and not let the situation get the best of me. I realized that sometimes, it’s best not to force things and stress ourselves out when things aren’t going according to our expectations. Instead of getting frustrated, I calmly got back in my car and went to a different gas station. It’s small moments like these that require us to be mindful and in tune with our mental state. By practicing self-care and being gentle with ourselves, even in the midst of chaotic situations, we can improve our mental well-being and overall quality of life. So, take some time this month for yourself – whether it’s through meditation, exercise, creative hobbies, or simply going with the flow. Remember, mental health matters, and you deserve to feel your best.