Too Good to be True…Chap 1-Eye Candy

Chapter 1


“Here comes Zion.” Shondra said with glee.

I smiled. “So what?”

“Girl you ain’t even fooling nobody, every time that man comes in you be drooling.”

“I mean he is an attractive man,” I said rolling my eyes.

“Attractive?? That man is downright fine.”

She wasn’t lying, Zion had to be one of the sexiest men that came into the café. He was somewhere close to six feet tall, with this mocha brown skin and a slender build. He had a full manscaped beard with short locs that were cut in a fade. And he always had on sexy pair of glasses.

Trini café had turned into a hot spot for business meetings. Every afternoon we were barraged with a bunch of businessmen & women having lunch and discussing their next big deal. The café was left to me by my aunt who passed away a few years ago. She said she always made a great living because it was in a great location. I was surrounded by businesses and I tailored my menus to serve the customers’ needs.

Zion always came in alone and sat in the corner with his sketches and laptop. He was an architect that worked in the building across the street from the café. I only learned his name because he put his business card in a jar on the hostess stand to win a free lunch. I almost knocked Shondra over trying to fish his card out of the jar. You could tell Zion was the strong silent type, while the other guys talked loudly amongst each other or on their cell phones, he usually spent his lunch hour sitting at the table quietly working on his laptop. I was attracted immediately. My thoughts were broken when Zion walked up.

“Good Afternoon Trinity,” Zion said with a smile.

“Good Afternoon Zion. Welcome back.”

“How are you this afternoon?” he asked.

“I’m doing well, and yourself?”

“I’ll be better when this workday is over.” He chuckled.

“A rough one?”


I looked at my watch. “Lunchtime, your day is half over.”

“Thank goodness.”

“Well, your table is ready.”

“Thanks, Trinity.”

“You’re welcome.”

He nodded and walked over to his table. I watched every step he made.

“Damn, he’s fine,” Shondra said.

I nodded in agreement.

Zion stayed for about an hour and then he went back to his building. He always left Shondra a generous tip.

We stayed open from early morning to late afternoon and closed about six o’clock. After we closed up, I headed home to work on my other business. I loved interior design. I designed every aspect of the café from the awning, to the wall decorations, to the kitchen space. Even the china we served on. I was really into Feng Shui. I attributed it to the success of the café. The ambiance created an atmosphere of positive energy. Even the menu was created with the idea to promote health and positive energy.  My Yelp ratings were through the roof.

Trini café was the first decorating project I put out for others to see and I was proud of it.  You would think it came naturally, but to be honest I was a messy kid and teenager. My mother constantly fussed at me about the clutter in my room. It wasn’t until I went to college that I got into Feng Shui and interior design. Shondra was my roommate in college. We both went to Clemson University. Although she wasn’t a neat freak my messiness was too much for her. During our freshmen year, we constantly fought about my mess, until I received a failing grade on a big project. I lost some major parts of a marketing project and begged my professor to give me another chance. He wouldn’t change my grade but instead, he gave me a book about getting organized and creating an atmosphere of excellence and learning how the placement of objects could help. That was my introduction to Feng Shui and I never looked back.

After college, I decided to turn my aunt’s resale shop into a café. A year after it opened Shondra came to help. Her marketing expertise helped us create unique menus that were very pleasing to customers. She had just gotten married to her college sweetheart Jason and they were preparing to have a baby.

I got home and took my shoes off. I had already eaten so I just curled up on the couch to watch my shows. My phone dinged.

“Hey sexy, you want some company?” Troy texted.

I just looked at the message and put my phone down. Troy was one of the few guys I dated, not Mr. Right just Mr. Right now. My love life had been a constant revolving door since I broke up with Cameron. After that heartbreak, I adopted a love em and leave em attitude toward men. I usually would meet them, enjoy sex with them for a few months, and then move on.  Troy was fine but….he had serious baby mama drama. And the fact that he spent most of his free time smoking weed and wasting his money on shit like Jordan’s and rims for his car was definitely an issue. I bet you’re asking yourself Trinity why do you fuck with him then? Troy came with a dick that was hard to resist. Now you know my weakness. As smart as I was, I was weak when it came to good sex. I loved a man with a big ummm package. I mean I didn’t wanna marry Troy, I just used him when I needed to be satisfied. I had Zion on the brain but after Troy texted, I decided I need a nightcap. And since Zion wasn’t an option yet, I would settle for Troy. So, I went and hopped in the shower to freshen up for when Troy came.

I always knew when Troy arrived because you could hear his music blasting from his car a mile away. I went to the door in my robe.

“He is so annoying.” I thought.

“Troy, how many times have I asked you to turn down the music when you get on the block? My neighbors don’t like the loud music.” I said opening the door.

He leaned in to kiss me but I walked away.

“Aw shit girl stop complaining and bring that sweet ass over here and give me some sugar,” Troy said pulling me close.

He kissed me and my kitty cat started purring. He smacked my ass.

“Damn, I love this fat ass.”

He turned me around and admired my ass.  I had to admit for a plus-size girl I had a nice ass body. My curves were in all the right places. He untied my robe to see my naked body. I was double D cup with hips, thighs, and a country cornbread fed ass. I had a fupa but men never seemed to mind it. I guess my ass was too distracting.

Troy’s phone dinged several times. I knew what that meant, one of his ratchet baby mamas was looking for him. I didn’t want him, I just wanted an orgasm and I would send him on his way.

“You’re being paged,” I said looking at his phone.

“Man, forget that, I’m here with you,” Troy said taking my robe off.

He sat on the couch and drew me into him, kissing my thighs and stomach.  Troy had amazing head, and I was wet and waiting for him to put his tongue on me. But I was patient because Troy also had a massive ego and did more shit talking during sex than I cared to hear, especially if he had you begging. I learned to be cool and make him work for it because then he would concentrate and fuck me how I wanted. He slipped his fingers inside me and I was already wet. He moved in and out of me until I came and then licked his fingers.

“Some of the sweetest pussy I ever tasted.”

I laughed. I grabbed his hand and led him to my bedroom. He sat down on the bed and turned his phone off while I put on some music. I walked over to the bed and grabbed him by the hand and begin to undress him. Troy had a nice muscular body and a perfect size dick. I took off his shirt and unbuckled his belt. His dick was bulging through his pants. I couldn’t wait to wrap my mouth around it. Most women think that giving a man head is nasty but for me, it’s empowering. You have full control of a man when you give good head, and I was a master. I could feel Troy’s body tensing up in anticipation. I smiled but I kept my focus on what I was about to do. I lowered his pants and boxers to reveal his magic stick standing at full attention.

“I see someone is excited to see me.” I laughed.

I kissed the tip of his dick and he moaned. I knew he couldn’t wait. I took my hand and stroked it up and down. His head dropped back, and he let out a hard sigh. I stroked it until it felt like he was gonna explode and then I put my warm mouth around it.

“Oh baby your mouth feels sooo good,” Troy moaned.

I licked up and down his shaft like I was licking a lollipop. He was so into it he started stroking the back of my head. I massaged his balls while I sucked his dick.

“Baby, you better stop that before you make me cum.”

But I knew just how much he could take before he would climax, so I continued. He was moaning loud and using his hands to guide my mouth up and down his dick. My kitty cat started talking to me and I knew she was ready for pleasure. I stood up and grabbed a condom from my nightstand. I always made men strap up because I refused to be someone’s baby mama. I straddled him and sat down on his dick. No matter how many times I fucked Troy I always had to get adjusted to his size. I rocked back and forth on his dick while he rubbed my nipples. He knew that drove me crazy. I bounced up and down on his dick until I was getting ready to climax, but I got up and sat my ass on his face. He drank my love until the last taste. That’s what I loved about Troy he was freaky as hell. I laid there twitching but he was finished yet. He turned me over and pushed my ass up in the air and stuck his dick back in. I could feel him inside every part of me. He slowly thrust forward leaning down his hand down to play with my clit. But I wasn’t giving in that easily, I gave it back to him. I matched each thrust he gave me. He spread my ass apart and gave me every inch of that ten-inch dick.

“Oh my God Troy, yes baby give me that dick,” I moaned. He fucked me deep until I creamed all over him. The sight of my cum on his dick got him excited and he came too.

“Oh shit baby, I’m cumming,” he said while grabbing my hips and pushing himself deeper inside me.

Another thing I loved about Troy was he could cum and keep going. He flipped me over and put my legs up and went back in. He sat up on his knees and went stroked me deeply. I was about to have a massive orgasm when my doorbell started ringing. The person was banging on the door hard as hell like the police. We both knew who it was. That crazy ass baby mama of his, Dominique. This bitch was totally deranged, and I knew she probably drove around looking for his car until she found him over here.

“What the fuck Troy?” I said.

“Just ignore it, baby.”

“How can I when this stupid bitch is knocking like a damn fool.”

“Can you at least let me cum again?”

“Are you fucking kidding me, hell no, move,” I said pushing him off me.

I got up totally pissed. By now she had come around my house to my bedroom window.

“Troy, I know your ass is in there, I saw your car outside. I hope that bitch is going to give you some money for your daughter while she suckin’ your dick,” screamed Dominique.

“You better get this bitch before I call the police.”

He hurried to put his clothes on. He went to the front door and opened it. She punched his ass in the face.

“You ain’t shit Troy,” She said swinging her arms to hit him again.

He grabbed her to stop her from hitting him.

“Y’all need to get the fuck out,” I said.

“Bitch who you talking to, I should be whopping yo ass. I told you to leave him alone.”

“Fuck you, that’s a grown ass man and I ain’t forcing him to come and see me.”

“Bitches like you make it bad for the rest of us.”

I laughed. “Bitch are you kidding me? You’re at my house in the middle of the night banging on my door and I’m the problem.”

I shook my head. “Just get out.”

“Dominique go, I’m coming damn,” Troy said annoyed.

She glared at me and then walked off the porch back to the street.

“I’ll call you tomorrow Trinity.”

“Hell no Troy, you got some good dick but I’m not going through this again. You have a nice life; I’m done with this shit.”

“Come on now don’t be like that.”

“For real Troy, it’s almost one in the morning and she is here acting a damn fool. I am the one that will have to explain this shit to my neighbors and I’m just not for it anymore.”

He went to reach for me when he heard his window shatter. Dominique had through a brick through the back-passenger side window.”

“Aww, shit.”

“Yeah go handle your bitch, I’m done.”

With that, I closed the door. I went to take a bath to wash Troy’s body off me. As I soaked in the tub, I looked around my bathroom, everything had been placed with a purpose in mind. The painting on the wall, the plant in the windowpane, and even my shower curtain design had a purpose. But somehow my love life was a cluttered mess. I hadn’t had a steady boyfriend in the last two years since I broke off my engagement to Cameron. He was my college sweetheart. We dated all throughout college and got engaged about a year after we graduated. I found out Cameron was a closeted gay man. We went on a ski trip with Shondra and Jason and a couple of other college friends and his “boyfriend” followed us on the trip. By the end of the trip, he outed Cameron with receipts. Pictures of him and Cameron naked in the bed. I was devastated. I couldn’t trust men after that. I took a hiatus from relationships and just dated. If that’s what you wanted to call it. It went on like that for about a year until I met Troy. He made me laugh and offered some real conversation. I considered being in a relationship with him for half a second until I first encountered Dominique. We were having dinner at the Crave Kitchen when she waited outside the restaurant for him and caused a scene. She was yelling, cussing, and trying to fight me. I had no idea he had a baby let alone a baby mama. I found out he had two kids with two different women. But Dominique was the craziest, she wanted Troy, and if she couldn’t have him no one else could. I didn’t let Troy’s messy life cloud the fact that I liked having sex with him, but I did limit our contact to just booty calls. It seemed like that was all I found in men these days, Messiness. Tonight, was the last straw, I didn’t want to continue like this. I wanted a real relationship with a man who had goals, and ambition. I was really hoping that would be Zion.

Come back next week for Chapter 2

Love, Sunshyne