Guest Spotlight…”The Unseen Weight of Being Everyone’s Rock”

Ladies and gentlemen, a warm welcome to a special edition of “Love Sunshyne.” Today, we’re thrilled to introduce our first-ever guest speaker, my remarkable sister, Nina Knighten. She’s here to share her inspiring journey of breaking free from the role of Ms. Dependable, shedding the labels of being the strong one and the go-to person. Nina is on a mission to reclaim her own needs and put herself first, and we can’t wait to hear her story unfold.

The term “strong person” typically refers to someone perceived as mentally, emotionally, or physically resilient. They are seen as individuals who can face challenges, difficulties, and adversity with courage, persistence, and composure. It implies having a strong character, inner strength, and the ability to remain composed during difficult situations. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that strength means different things to different people, and being seen as strong can vary from one individual to another.

It’s time for a confession: I’m stepping away from the roles of the dependable friend, sister, daughter, and mother. When you’re labeled as the strong one, the go-to person, the encourager who’s always there for everyone, it can be a one-sided journey. You give your all and get nothing in return. You’re taken for granted because you’re perceived as unshakable. No one bothers to check in on you or ask if you’re okay because they assume you’ve got it all together. And if they do ask, it’s often just a pretext to unload their own burdens on you. You’re expected to handle everything because you’re seen as strong-willed. There’s no room for vulnerability because people expect you to always be the pillar of strength. So, I’m saying this to acknowledge that I became a strong person out of necessity. We often become the person we wish others would be for us. I had to be strong because it seemed like everyone around me was falling apart. I endured teasing and bullying throughout my childhood and teenage years, which forced me to be my own source of encouragement and reliability. However, it’s important to recognize that being strong can also be a weakness.