“Embracing My Authentic Self: A Journey to Body Positivity”

I want to start by saying that this blog is a candid and honest reflection on a topic that needs to be addressed. I don’t believe in pretense; I strive to live authentically, and that’s why I’m sharing this deeply personal post.

As we enter the final week of Selftember, we’re diving headfirst into the theme of Body Positivity. I chose this topic because true self-care goes hand-in-hand with self-love—flaws and all. It’s a subject that has gained widespread attention, partly thanks to inspiring figures like Lizzo who unapologetically celebrate their bodies. However, there’s still a lot of misunderstanding surrounding body positivity.

Some individuals argue that the Body Positivity movement shouldn’t celebrate the “plus-size” or BBW (Big Beautiful Women) community because they believe being “fat” is unhealthy. This misconception has led to negative perceptions of Body Positivity. Unfortunately, society’s approach often includes shaming people, with the misguided belief that shame will motivate them to make healthier choices. In reality, it tends to have the opposite effect, leading to self-criticism, emotional eating, or other unhealthy behaviors.

Now, when I say “we,” I mean it because I am part of this community. I’ve experienced the hurtful taunts, the teasing, the mistreatment, and the feeling of being ostracized for my size.

From childhood, I found solace in solitude because I was constantly ridiculed for being “fat.” Whether it was a cousin whispering in my ear while I was sleeping, “Do you want some pizza?” in my ear or classmates making cruel comments about my weight, I was subjected to relentless scrutiny. It’s a challenge that has followed me throughout my life, convincing me that happiness would only come when I shed the weight. It held me back and made me believe that my appearance defined my worth.

I never understood how someone’s appearance could bring out such cruelty in others. When I was young, I used to wish upon stars for a miraculous overnight weight loss, and when those wishes went unfulfilled, tears would stream down my face. The relentless teasing made me withdraw, avoiding eye contact with people.

I was repeatedly told that no one would like me unless I lost weight. When a fit guy showed interest, it felt like validation—an affirmation that I was indeed a beautiful person. It took years, but eventually, I gained the confidence to love myself for who I am, to shift the focus from my perceived flaws to my inner qualities. While I may not be entirely comfortable with my weight, I’ve learned to love myself enough to seek change, not for others, but for my own well-being.

This, to me, is what real body positivity embodies. It’s the ability to love yourself wholly, embracing every curve, every thigh, every belly roll, while also caring enough about your health to want to make positive changes.

This journey has taught me that authenticity and self-love go hand in hand, and no matter where we are in our self-care journey, there’s always room for growth, self-acceptance, and positive change.

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  1. I believe this has been alot of our stories. Thank you for being candid and letting others know they are not alone and we are in this fight together.

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