How can I chose?

The next morning, I woke up early. The sun was just waking up. I walked out in the backyard, sat on the patio, and watched the sun come up. I had the craziest dream ever! I dreamed that Nate and Donte were fighting over me. They ended up in a duel. I laughed at the thought. I knew I had a problem. I needed to figure out what I wanted. I knew the only thing that would clear my head was to go for a run. So I got dressed and the moment I hit the concrete, my legs and arms were pumping away. As I ran, all that happened over the past few months played throughout my mind. The dance with Donte, the party, Nate and I having sex—everything. Nate was my best friend, and I really did like him. But I liked Donte too. I mean I really liked Donte. Argh . . . I’m not getting anywhere with this, I thought. Once I got back home and took a shower, I found some shorts and a crop top to put on. I lay across my bed thinking about Donte and Nate and started comparing them.They were both fine, I mean Donte had a little more definition to his body, but Nate’s sense of humor was sexy too. They both were athletic. They both had great personalities. Despite Nate occasionally being an asshole, he really was sweet. I sighed. I didn’t know what to do. Well, whoever asks me out first, that’s who wins, I thought. Excerpt from In My Feelings…It’s Complicated

My main character has a dilemma. She has feelings for two great guys but can’t make a decision on who she should date. This problem takes her on a roller coaster ride of emotions and bad decisions. I can’t even make a choice on who she should chose and I wrote the book. LOL What do you do when you have feelings for two people? What is she gonna do? She’s already made a list of comparisons that didn’t help her any, so she left the ball in their court. Do you think she made the right decision?

It’s complicated decision that will leave one party hurt. When dealing with someone’s emotions we have to be careful. We should think about all parties involved and how they will be affected by the decision. But ultimately you have to do what’s best for you. You are the most important person in the situation because you are the one who must deal with your own emotions and the outcome of the decision.

It’s Complicated!!