Entanglement…You, me & he

Well it’s been a long time and I have to say I have missed blogging. But with everything going on in the world right now, I let it get away from me. But this topic right here brought me back to blogging because I mean this is definition of a complicated “relationship”(Entanglement).

Now everyone that knows me knows I LOVE ME SOME WILL SMITH. Since “Parents just don’t understand”. I’ve seen almost every movie he had made and know every episode of Fresh Prince by heart. I mean if you’ve read my book you know I make references to him in there. My main character is also a big fan of Will’s. Anyway, I’m rambling…so apparently him and his wife Jada (which whom I also love) were having some problems some years back to the point of almost divorce and she had an “ENTANGLEMENT” with a young guy named August Alsina. Now everyone has had their opinion on this subject for the past couple of weeks after August did an interview basically outing her to the world. Well normally they don’t comment but Jada and Will decided to take this situation to the Red Table and open up about the subject thus we learned it was true that Jada and August were involved in “an ENTANGLEMENT” This is now the word of the week for the internet.

Here is my two cents.

First August, I know people will disagree with me but I feel like he was being messy. If Will already knew and gave his blessing “as he claimed” what was the reason the world needed to know? I mean if you needed to get something off your chest tell a therapist. Why out her when their situation was years ago and once again her husband already knew? I mean he was the one of the star players in this situation so it wasn’t the world’s business what happened between y’all. Second, I think he should have known better, as long as married people are still married there is always a change of reconciliation. I hear everyone talking about him like he was a teenager and she shouldn’t have taken advantage of him, well I feel like this if his ass had robbed or shot someone people would consider him an adult so he should be looked at as adult in this situation too.

Jada, GGGIIIIRRRRLLLLL HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU GET YOURSELF IN THIS SITUATION? You was supposed to keep that little young boy in check LOL. No but seriously I think it was in bad taste that she got involved with someone who was so close to her family. I don’t know if he was Jaden’s friend or not but she could have found someone else. I understand that she was going through her own mess at the time but that was just a bad decision all around. She explained that it was a bad time for her and that she was partly drawn to him because he was going through a rough time and she wanted to help “fix him”. I can absolutely relate to this. I am definitely a “fixer”. It took me years to understand that fixing others would never fix me and that I needed to do the work in my own life in order to be “fixed”.

Will, my pseudo husband, everyone keeps talking about how he was mad and hurt. Jada was wrong, and you should have left and blah blah blah, but I got the feeling that he got some of his own treatment back and he didn’t like it. Why do men do that? Y’all flirt, cheat, lie and then when we have an “ENTANGLEMENT” it’s a problem. The world has ended, now we are the worse people on the planet. My motto is “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”. Whatever you can do so can I. If you can’t take it, don’t give it. Now people may feel I’m being petty but hey I treat people the way I like to be treated and I deserve the same.

In the end, they discussed how they did the work, their separation helped them work on themselves and come back to each other better people. It’s a shame that a 3rd party was hurt in the process but either way someone was going to be hurt (sadly.)

All in all, I can’t say this enough MARRIAGE IS NOT FOR THE WEAK!! (and I started saying that before David Arnold, check my facebook posts lol) but it truly is not. We go into these relationships thinking forever but never stopping to think about people will grow and change and sometimes not at the same time. This is why communication is important, talking to your partner about how you feel and your needs should be communicated regularly. Listening to one another and trying to the best of our ability to grow with each other is a key. I definitely don’t have all the answers but with love, I know most times we can work through any “complicated situation.”


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  1. I agree friend besides I seen in another clip between jada and will on how he admitted to cheating on her So he hurt you can see one thing is that they can talk and be honest with each other but end of the day it’s their business I ain’t for judging anyone and they actions

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