“My Self-Care Journey: A Personal Revelation 💪

When I started this self-care blog, it was with the intention of helping others on their journey. Little did I know that the ride would be just as transformative for me. It’s amazing how life works, isn’t it? God has been doing incredible work in my life, opening my eyes to the importance of self-awareness and self-care as I strive to empower others.

This week, during ‘Over It October,’ our focus is squarely on overcoming self-doubt and nurturing self-confidence. Now, let me share a personal chapter of my life that I’ve been navigating—a chapter where I need help, seek support, and yes, it’s a bit of a shameless plug too. 😊

Few things trigger my anxiety like job hunting. For the past nine years, I’ve been a bus driver, and during that time, I’ve achieved quite a bit. I earned an associate’s degree in business and a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and English. I’ve written and edited two books, published one, and even ventured into a small skincare business. I’ve taught myself various skills, from creating custom t-shirts and merchandise to mastering tools like Canva, WordPress, and Shopify.

Now, you might be thinking, ‘Wow, you’ve got some impressive skills!’ And I usually feel that way too, until I encounter a job description. Suddenly, it feels like none of my accomplishments matter because I haven’t directly applied them in a job setting. It’s strange how imposter syndrome can kick in, undermining my self-confidence, especially when I’m job hunting.

I’ve had my share of challenging job-hunting experiences in the past. While I could craft resumes that landed jobs for my friends, my own journey was filled with countless applications and no success. It dealt a blow to my confidence, and I’ve been dreading job searches ever since.

But now, I’m declaring it loud and clear: I’m ‘OVER IT.’ It’s time to move beyond the self-doubt that has held me back and build self-confidence in pursuing my career goals. The journey may be challenging, but I’m ready to embrace it with newfound strength and self-assurance. Together, we’ll navigate this path towards personal and professional growth.

Love, Sunshyne